VAFO Group

Strategic marketing for pet product brands in four different countries – easily from a one-stop shop

Categories: Ongoing partnership, Social media

Vafo Group is one of Europe’s leading premium pet food and product producers. Its most recognised brands include Brit and Carnilove. Vafo product family’s products are available in over 70 countries.

Grapevine has partnered with the internationally growing Vafo Group since autumn 2018. We first collaborated to conquer the Finnish market, but Vafo needed to stay top-of-mind with their potential customers cost-efficiently also in other Nordic countries.

The partnership covers the entire Nordic region

As we achieved encouraging results in Finland and the cooperation was fruitful, we began to plan the systematic start of content marketing with our Nordic partners also in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Vafo’s products have become firmly established online among the relevant target groups in all four countries – easily from one office. The brands’ tone is distinctive and recognisable across language barriers. Content production is cost-efficient, because most of the content templates can be used in all countries after they are carefully translated and localised.

Due to thorough research and expert partners, we are able to take into account the pet legislation and atmosphere of pet-related discussions in the different countries both in content production as well as in daily community management.

”We have worked with Grapevine since 2018 and so far our cooperation has been very fruitful and, we believe, both sides rewarding. Our cooperation started in Finland but after very good experience we widened our cooperation and today Grapevine is covering for us as well Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Friendly but professional and business oriented relationship.”

– Juraj Juhász, Export Marketing Manager, VAFO Group