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Finnish food day as a national phenomenon

Categories: Campaign, Social Media, Influencer Marketing

Even though every day should be the day of Finnish food, it has nevertheless earned its own holiday. In the fall of 2019, the Food Information Association launched the national Finnish Food Day in order to make domestic food an even more integral part of consumers’ everyday life.

At the same time, consumers were instructed that making a domestic choice is easy – all you have to do is recognize the Hyvää Suomesta -symbol on the product when shopping.

Everyone is invited

Before and during the campaign, thought-provoking and informative content was produced on social media about Finnish food and its production. The contents were promoted and optimized to achieve the best results.

People’s emotional bond towards the day was strengthened by being genuinely present on social media – questions and comments were responded to and the discussion was actively participated in, without being afraid of challenging topics.

In order to increase visibility, well-known Finnish influencers were chosen as campaign faces, who spread the good news about the event on their own channels. The influencers were inspired by Finnish Food Day and published recipes, baking and cooking photos, and samples of delicious food dishes related to the theme.

The campaign exceeded expectations

Already in the first week, the contents of the campaign reached over a million Finns, and domestic food became a national phenomenon. The main goal of the Finnish Food Day was to make the holiday known among Finns and also to involve them in celebrating domestic food – this was a great success.

The campaign got a lot of attention and thanks to the wide visibility and active commitment, people all over Finland got active to show their love for Finnish food. In addition to consumers, restaurants, commercial kitchens, kindergartens, libraries, museums, soft toys, parties, churches, public figures and food stores also took part in the celebration. The press picked up on the topic and the day was even suggested as the official flag day.

“The day succeeded beyond expectations. With a very moderate budget, we got a lot of visibility.”

– Minna Asunmaa, Ruokatieto Yhdistys