A strong brand requires continuous investment alongside it

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Dansukker is the leading brand of sugar products in the Nordic and Baltic countries and it offers Finnish home chefs the world’s only 100% domestic sugar Taloussokeri. However, a unique competitive advantage does not guarantee the permanence of a strong position, as the competition in the category is always getting tougher. In addition, the wellness trend of recent years has fueled a sugar-critical attitude climate: instead of moderation, some consumers want to avoid using sugar completely.

In 2010, Dansukker needed a partner to develop its social media presence, with whom to work as one team, in close cooperation. The partnership with Grapevine that began back then – and the shared commitment to serving the built community – bears fruit month after month.

The aim of the cooperation is to defend Dansukker Taloussokeri’s market share and to increase the recognition and sales of special sugars.

Interaction in support of content production

The goals have been achieved by taking care of the distinctiveness of the content, activating the audience with interesting content and core messages emphasizing moderation, as well as by sharing information and active community management work.

Dansukker’s content themes and content advertising solutions are derived not only from these starting points and the brand’s strengths, but also from knowing the target group and their everyday challenges. It has been identified what makes Finns bake and cook: where others bake to cherish traditions, some want to pamper their loved ones. For some, however, cooking is a channel of self-expression – and of course many are inspired by the desire to have a good time!

Genuine encounters
between delicious mouths

Dansukker’s social media channels are a virtual meeting place for the authors themselves. One of Finland’s largest communities on Facebook has tied Dansukker to the target audience with record results and cost-effectiveness. The Instagram account has also gathered a conscientious following, which actively engages with Dansukker’s content and produces content with the brand’s subject tags daily.

Dansukker’s social media channels are a meeting place for an active and engaged community. The brand’s subject tag #ihanitsetehty is tagged to dozens of delicious Instagram photos every day. In the comment fields of the brand’s Facebook posts, people discuss, ask questions, taste delicacies and share ideas and recipes.

“The results come with a smile on my face: The best thing about Grapevine is definitely a skilled team, planning, agility and a positive approach to things. The Grapevine people don’t rest on their laurels after good results, but they dare to challenge and constantly come up with new ideas.”

Inari Kettula, marketing manager, Suomen Sokeri Oy