Academic Work Academy

Building an expert brand in the digital world

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Academic Work Academy has trained hundreds of Finnish career changers in the IT and technology sector. Our collaboration has been aimed to increase brand awareness and business with consistent and dynamic digital marketing.

Creative and tactical marketing in a multi-channel way

Academic Work Academy’s digital marketing has been multi-channel and comprehensive. From time to time, the content that works on digital has been taken to outdoor advertising, increasing visibility even more. Strong visibility has been built from continuous more branded contents and more tactical campaigns, which have seamlessly supported each other and enhanced results.

The results speak for themselves

As a result Academic Work Academy has succeeded in employing people with the right learning skills and motivation for new challenges in fields with a skills shortage. Through it, hundreds of future experts have already started a new career in IT and technology companies in Finland.

The digital marketing produced by Grapevine has reached, engaged and converted the right target groups and consistently generated applicants for training. The targeted results have been achieved with the combination of long-term and multi-channel content marketing and tactical campaigning.

“I feel that I got more from my team at Grapevine than I could have hoped for: in addition to the fact that the work is efficient and effective, the team’s genuine interest in our business can be seen in actively proposing new things and throwing themselves wholeheartedly in the face of all kinds of challenges. This is how office cooperation should work at its best: the members of the team coming from outside become a close part of the client’s everyday life and, in addition to additional resources, act as extra brains, influencing the client’s success on a surprisingly deep level.”

Vilja Haapanen – Brand Manager – Academic Work Academy