Marika Siniaalto gives up her position as Grapevine’s CEO – ‘We want to focus more on service quality and employee satisfaction’

As our operations and the company grow, we need to focus even more strongly on development.

Marika Siniaalto gives up her position as Grapevine’s CEO – ‘We want to focus more on service quality and employee satisfaction’

Customer and employee satisfaction has been a cornerstone of Grapevine since its creation, and the fact that it won the title of Great Place to Work and Office of the Year demonstrates that it is not just rhetoric. However, as our operations and the company grow, we need to focus even more strongly on development.

Grapevine is an enjoyable place to be and it shows

‘We have always placed importance on enjoyment at work. On the other hand, we have also always believed in the power of good reputation and word of mouth. This year, we have already been able to see that we are going in the right direction: both customers and experts are satisfied with Grapevine.’, says Siniaalto.

The joy of work and great service are based on good employee experience. This has been Grapevine’s focus since long before corona, but over the last year and a half the emphasis on it has increased. When employees are happy, trust their colleagues and the atmosphere is positive, it is easy to maintain an excellent level of service and thereby establish long and mutually inspiring customer relationships.

Constant improvement of service quality

Siniaalto’s personal experience working with customers has given her insight into what customers value in cooperation. For example, keeping to your promises within the agreed timeframe is a key element. And, if possible, doing a little more and a little faster also helps. This already gets you far, but of course long and diverse customer relationships are also based on other elements.

‘For years, we have used the Office of the Year survey as a tool for measuring customer satisfaction and for identifying areas for improvement. In the survey, we interview all our long-term customers thoroughly. In addition, we regularly collect customer feedback with shorter NPS surveys. With these tools, we are able to continuously improve the quality of our services’, says Siniaalto.

Tero Heittola to become the new CEO

‘Grapevine has recently evolved and grown at a tremendous pace. A lot has happened over the years; we have transformed, adjusted and changed several times. Now it is time to change again’, Siniaalto concludes.

Tero Heittola, who started as Grapevine’s Chief Operating Officer in early 2021, will become the company’s CEO as of September 1, 2021. One of Heittola’s most important tasks will be to improve employee experience. Grapevine’s founder and main owner Marika Siniaalto will take over the important role of Customer Experience Manager, where she will focus on customer satisfaction, service development and communicating Grapevine’s important message to a growing audience.

‘Grapevine’s culture has made a deep impression on me. Here they understand that all expert work is primarily service work. And that satisfied, motivated experts are a prerequisite for good customer service. It is the foundation on which growth and profitability are built’, Heittola says.

From the customer’s point of view things will continue as before, and Siniaalto will not be taking a back seat, but she will use her new role to improve things even further.

‘Digital marketing is evolving at a tremendous pace and many companies, and, unfortunately also many offices, do not have sufficient capacity on their own to stay at the forefront of development. During the spring, our services have been adjusted to meet this need: we are improving our strategies and continue to implement them on a practical level, all the way to community management and customer reporting’, Heittola assures.


Grapevine Media Oy is a strategic marketing communications partner with a truly digital heart that was founded in 2009. It employs 21 experts in the field and its long-term customers include Suomen Sokeri, Järvikylä, Paulig, Santa Maria, AW Academy, Miele, Ruokatieto and the Vafo Prague brands Brit, Carnilove and PrimaCat. The turnover forecast for 2021 is €2M. Grapevine was selected as the winner of the Office of the Year 2021 competition in the category of small marketing technology agencies.

Marika Siniaalto

Marika Siniaalto

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