Jämerä Kivitalot Oy

Getting the brand foundations in order – brand look is driven by strategy work

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Jämerä Kivitalot Oy is an established supplier of stone houses in Finland, well known to consumers. Jämerä has been doing its work for healthy construction in Finland for fifty years. Every stone house built during this period has been unique, the fulfillment of the wishes of its inhabitants. This decades-long popularity is based on the houses’ good architecture and the houses’ unique construction material, hardened lightweight concrete. Jämerä has responded to market changes by utilizing its own expertise in the best possible way; responding to both consumers’ wishes and the changing needs of urban planning – this is how Jämerä MoveIN was born.

New brand or rebranding?

Jämerä MoveIN properties represent modern townhouse thinking, the main idea of which is to combine good use of space and high-quality construction and materials in a compact plot size located close to services. However, an operator that previously only offered stone frames of houses has enough challenges when they want to bring ready-built, completely ready-to-move-in single family apartments to the market. These challenges were tackled with the means of marketing communication, by preparing MoveIN’s own digital marketing strategy and a new visual look that differs from the main brand.

The strategy was built together with experts from Grapevine and Jämerä. In the workshops facilitated by Grapevine, differences between the main brand and competitors were waded through, and insight was sought to speed up the sometimes very long purchase path. The target group definition was deepened by creating purchase personas, which brought good concreteness to the marketing implementation as well.

When the product was in order, the challenges of the strategy work were to weed out abundant ideas and clarify the focus. However, the whole took shape as a clear package to support MoveIN’s brand communication, without forgetting the business and social impact goals.

at the center of
brand communication

The strategy workshops also provided a good basis for the visual design of the MoveIN brand, which Grapevine implemented nimbly by listening to the customer. The intention was to take advantage of Jämerä’s already existing momentum, however, with its own unique theme that clearly stands out. As a result, we were able to create our own, separate brand look and comprehensive visual instructions for the continuation.

After the groundwork, the whole new brand started to be visible to outsiders as well with the website created by Grapevine. Our cooperation continues with digital marketing – we accept this extremely difficult market situation as an exciting challenge. We firmly believe that only by doing the foundation work properly, the house (and the brand) can stand upright.